Sunday, August 27, 2006

A word about VoIP

Of course you all have heard the term VOIP floating around the internet (and maybe at the local Best Buy), but do you know what it is? Voice over IP (VoIP) stands to be the de-facto replacement for traditional phone services. Even now, when you make a phone call using your local land line phone that call may be routed right over the internet! If you want to learn more about the details on what you can do with VOIP check out this site. Now for some of my more interesting observations on how VoIP can be a useful tool.

Many businesses pay tons of cash to support traditional phone systems (PBX, etc) and alongside this investment they also spend considerable amounts of money supporting a data network. Common sense tells us that if you could use the data network to support both the data and phone services then you could save considerable amounts of money. This is exactly what many companies are now doing!

VoIP also works for home users who want to lower the cost of long distance (and in some cases local calls) by using an existing high speed data connection to make phone calls. So if you make tons of calls and wish you could save some money or just want to play with some really cool technology then you will want to check out this good resource for further information. Personally, I have used several VoIP services myself such as Skype and Vonage with good results and can see exactly what all the fuss is all about!


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