Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Space the Budget Hotel Frontier?

If you have not checked it out yet, take a peek at what Bigelow Aerospace has been up to, you might be surprised...Inflatable hotels in space? Dream....now becomes reality! (see photo ;-)

As many of my friends already know, I am a total space nut. No holds barred, I have always been a true believer in putting people into space. I personally believe that no single achievement of mankind has or ever will be greater than leaving this planet to journey out among the stars. If the human race is going to survive then there is simply no choice but to find other worlds and other opportunities. To think that mankind can stay on this planet indefinitely is naive and foolish on too many levels to count.
That said, back in 2004 I put my own money where my mouth is and flew myself and my father out to see Scaled Composites and SpaceShipOne do what should have been done years before. That year we saw the dawn of a new era in spaceflight, one where anyone can go (provided you want to!) and it won't take the full power of a national government to get you there. Flash forward to today and we are now seeing the first steps breaking new ground with the first commercial space station. Granted this first step is only a "beta test" but from the photos I would say they are off to a great start!


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