Sunday, July 02, 2006

Late Nite Energy Drink Review!

For all those uber-geek types who just HAVE to be up for those 24 hour+ coding sessions I thought I would do a quick review of some of my favorite energy drinks. Like many of you I usually find myself staring is awe at the huge selection at the local grocery store...Amp, Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, and tons more. Over the last year or so I have been making a point at trying whatever new flavor or brand hits the shelves just to see if it's any better than my last choice. So, after all this time which ones make the grade? Only three brands seemed to keep me satisfied and coming back for more:

Winner - Monster Energy
This stuff is awesome! Just like the can says, it packs quite a punch (even has a warning to not drink more than three a day on the label) and tastes great. The flavor is smooth, not too fizzy and leaves no aftertaste (even with the diet version). Another strong point with Monster is the fact that I can get it at the local BJ's in bulk! Only downside so far is your burps might not fair too well with the ladies (not that you should be doing that around them anyway!).

2nd Place - Rockstar Energy Drink
Wow, this stuff is great. I personally prefer the diet version, which has a nice sharp edge to the flavor and seems to be just the right amount of energy in the 16 ounce can. If I had to describe the flavor I would say it was somewhat spicy, and finishes nicely. The buzz you get is great, not as hardcore as what you will get from Monster but close. Another nice thing about Rockstar is the buzz does not make me jumpy, just very (and I mean VERY) focused. After only one can I usually can crank through a essay or report in no time. Only real gripe with Rockstar might be that my local stores don't seem to carry enough of it.

Runner Up - Mt Dew AMP Energy Drink
I have to admit it, I love this version of Mt Dew. It's like having Dew but with extra kick. The taste is solid, a slightly more suger-flavored version of the regular Mt Dew taste. The buzz is not nearly as intense as Monster or Rockstar but it can definitely hold it's own against Red Bull or the Sobe drinks. If you love Mt Dew, pick up a can of AMP and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Well, that's all for now....(at least until the buzz wears off!)


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