Sunday, July 30, 2006

Apple IPhone Sneak Preview

As with all things Apple, this could very well be completely fake but I do like the basic idea of an ipod-based phone. One can only hope that Apple has the sense to complete the phone concept with integrated email, IM and at least a decent amount memory to back those features up. I personally don't care much about having a phone with a camera but I see how that might be a good feature for the Paris Hilton crowd (just don't get hacked!). Personally, this concept video (scroll down) is for something way more progressive and much more of what I am ultimately yearning for in a portable information management device (yes folks, you read that here first!).

P.S. In case you have not figured it out, the photo above is totally bogus, just a mock-up design by some fan. But sure does look kewl....

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Ok, here is where I have to eat my own words....I got a Blackberry. Back in the day I had dissed the Blackberry as a weak and ultimately useless device only for those email junkies who just HAD to have access to email no matter what the cost. Now that I found myself in the unenviable position of having to be constantly in touch and on the go I bit the bullet and picked one up. Now before you pass judgment on me being a total hypocrite and deserving of a good lashing hear me out on why this "crackberry" is far more useful than even I had anticipated.

First, lets take a closer look at exactly what IS a Blackberry. Quite simply it is nothing fancy, just a 300+ mhz processor and a 320x240 64,000 color screen, at least that's what I got with the 8700c I purchased from Cingular Wireless. No camera. No memory expansion. No complicated stylus-based navigation. Using the scroll wheel was a snap and there are virtually no hoops to jump through to get email up and running. I was also able to get instant messaging up and running in short order for both my Google and AOL accounts. Not bad so far...but this simplicity does have it's price. Although the Blackberry does email and IM like nobody's business, it can't support more complicated applications like the Windows CE devices can. But I hear that issue is slowly being addressed by third party vendors such as Google (the Google Maps app for Blackberry rocks!).

So why do they call these devices "crackberries'? After about a week using my Blackberry....I was completely dependent on it. Once you have all your email accounts setup you start to just use the Blackberry to read and respond to messages. I found myself not checking email at my desk at work during lunch anymore. I simply had no need to, all the messages had already been read on my Blackberry as they came in. Same goes for IM, which worked great even in low signal areas. Voice quality and general reception was fantastic on my 8700c and I even found it possible to write messages while there was no signal knowing they would be sent as soon as the device was back in range of a tower. Combine this functionality with the ability to run cool applications such as Google Maps and Cryptmagic (a password utility) and you get a great tool for those who are always on the go.

My only complaints, lack of memory card support and the Bluetooth support is very basic (does not support using the blackberry as a modem).

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not so super...

Just a quick post for today about a new energy drink I tried recently. I am sure you have seen all the Superman branded stuff hitting store shelves over the past few weeks thanks to the new movie. Well, guess what I ran across in Walmart...Superman energy drink! So I was thinking, hey...this could be a contender...boy was I wrong. The stuff was HORRIBLE. It tasted like [censored] and landed me in the throne room for over an hour. Nothing super about this drink, unless you need a fast acting laxative.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Can you Digg it?

I have always been a big fan of and was quite pleased to see start to catch on. The whole idea of social networking and underground marketing is kinda neat, and really does put power in the hands of those who are out there dealing with the real world. To that end I saw an interesting post on digg a short while ago that really got me excited. The post, which was about someone with a new Apple laptop that died only three weeks after being purchased, is a great example of how information that normally would never see the light of day can suddenly pop up. I can't tell if the person is telling the truth from the post but since it is now getting loads of attention you can bet his problem won't last long. Since I have heard from several other sources that Apple tech support can be a bit on the strict side his story seems very plausible and I hope things work out for him. Just another example of some interesting technology making waves in unexpected ways.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Late Nite Energy Drink Review!

For all those uber-geek types who just HAVE to be up for those 24 hour+ coding sessions I thought I would do a quick review of some of my favorite energy drinks. Like many of you I usually find myself staring is awe at the huge selection at the local grocery store...Amp, Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star, and tons more. Over the last year or so I have been making a point at trying whatever new flavor or brand hits the shelves just to see if it's any better than my last choice. So, after all this time which ones make the grade? Only three brands seemed to keep me satisfied and coming back for more:

Winner - Monster Energy
This stuff is awesome! Just like the can says, it packs quite a punch (even has a warning to not drink more than three a day on the label) and tastes great. The flavor is smooth, not too fizzy and leaves no aftertaste (even with the diet version). Another strong point with Monster is the fact that I can get it at the local BJ's in bulk! Only downside so far is your burps might not fair too well with the ladies (not that you should be doing that around them anyway!).

2nd Place - Rockstar Energy Drink
Wow, this stuff is great. I personally prefer the diet version, which has a nice sharp edge to the flavor and seems to be just the right amount of energy in the 16 ounce can. If I had to describe the flavor I would say it was somewhat spicy, and finishes nicely. The buzz you get is great, not as hardcore as what you will get from Monster but close. Another nice thing about Rockstar is the buzz does not make me jumpy, just very (and I mean VERY) focused. After only one can I usually can crank through a essay or report in no time. Only real gripe with Rockstar might be that my local stores don't seem to carry enough of it.

Runner Up - Mt Dew AMP Energy Drink
I have to admit it, I love this version of Mt Dew. It's like having Dew but with extra kick. The taste is solid, a slightly more suger-flavored version of the regular Mt Dew taste. The buzz is not nearly as intense as Monster or Rockstar but it can definitely hold it's own against Red Bull or the Sobe drinks. If you love Mt Dew, pick up a can of AMP and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Well, that's all for now....(at least until the buzz wears off!)