Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Apple iTunes Movie Service

Not that downloading movies from the iTunes service would be any huge surprise but I wanted to make a few observations regarding the latest rumors about this new service.
Although I have always been a huge fan of downloadable content, and I continue to be a strong supporter of the whole concept of podcasts and TV shows, I have some concerns regarding the same service for full length movies. One aspect of DVD video that I really like is the high quality video and dolby 5.1 surround sound since I usually watch movies on a large format screen. If the current quality of iTunes video is the standard for which these movies will be also distributed then I most likely will only make use of such a service if the movie is simply not available via DVD. I do like the $9.99 price point, but without the "DVD quality" I can't really see this being something I would really get into. The technology is there for DVD quality, as demonstrated by all the DIVX movies one can find on eMule and other such services but it remains to be seen if Apple will use something similar in this new service.


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