Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I finally decided to get an actual custom blog setup which can be found here! The new site has many more features and will (hopefully) provide me with a more long term delivery platform for my "techno-babble". Once again, the new URL is:

For the time begin, older posts will remain here for those who have already linked to them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Customize your (virtual) world!

Every once in a while I run across a web site or resource that is just plain cool. I was on the prowl for a new source of desktop backgrounds (the BMW web site has not posted anything new in a while) and I ran across this site. This great site called has tons of high quality backgrounds and icons for both Windows and Mac! Check it out.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apple Iphone or is it Ichat Mobile or whatever!

Saw a new story about how the Apple cell phone / smart phone is close to production! Let the speculation begin....opps too late! (See previous posts) I sure hope Apple releases something that is far more than "just" a cell phone meets Ipod. Many of you out there are like me, seeking a digital device that lets us combine a PDA, Ipod and basic cell phone so we can concentrate on more important issues (such as why in God's name to old people leave the blinker on....).

Monday, September 04, 2006

Real Estate Bubble Goes POP!

Yes, I know...this post has nothing to do with technology...or does it? About six months ago I purchased my first property, a small condo. Initially I was excited about going through the process since most people I had talked to said owning your own home was a rewarding process in itself. Boy did I have a lot to learn. Turns out the process was a total pain in the ass with the biggest headache being the Real Estate broker. Even though a I had retained the services of a buyer's agent I still got run around over prices and since I was not buying something worth millions of dollars I got minimal service from both sides. So, after three months of basically doing my own research I finally found a nice place that fit my criteria. Now, after the initial purchase has passed and I have had some time to settle into my new place I can look back on the process with a bit less emotion but I sill can't even imagine doing it all over again. So what does this rant have to do with technology? Quite a bit....

You see, I was doing some random surfing and ran across this story about how traditional Real Estate brokers are starting to feel threatened by online broker services such as Redfin. GOOD! Bout time they stated to fell the heat! 6% commission? Not anymore, now they will have to start being more "customer focused" or bad things may happen. Just like the music industry, it's now time to make some changes and focus on the future before they get steamrolled by some new technology (like Redfin).

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A word about VoIP

Of course you all have heard the term VOIP floating around the internet (and maybe at the local Best Buy), but do you know what it is? Voice over IP (VoIP) stands to be the de-facto replacement for traditional phone services. Even now, when you make a phone call using your local land line phone that call may be routed right over the internet! If you want to learn more about the details on what you can do with VOIP check out this site. Now for some of my more interesting observations on how VoIP can be a useful tool.

Many businesses pay tons of cash to support traditional phone systems (PBX, etc) and alongside this investment they also spend considerable amounts of money supporting a data network. Common sense tells us that if you could use the data network to support both the data and phone services then you could save considerable amounts of money. This is exactly what many companies are now doing!

VoIP also works for home users who want to lower the cost of long distance (and in some cases local calls) by using an existing high speed data connection to make phone calls. So if you make tons of calls and wish you could save some money or just want to play with some really cool technology then you will want to check out this good resource for further information. Personally, I have used several VoIP services myself such as Skype and Vonage with good results and can see exactly what all the fuss is all about!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Addicted to Information?

Recently I saw this story about how officials in China have opened up a clinic for those who are "addicted" to the net. Interesting to be sure, the idea that the internet could be just as addicting as a physical drug has been raised many times in the past, to much debate. The validity of this claim I won't dispute here, but I think the larger issue of just how much information we are asked to process in our daily lives is at least partly to blame for the reports of internet addiction. My perspective on this issue leads me to put forth the idea that some who seem to be addicted to the endless supply of information on the net are simply finding the process of filtering what information they are exposed to more difficult than the rest of us. For those who can absorb large amounts of information the rewards are great, so many of us spend a considerable amount of time trying to improve this process. This process in itself is not always a bad thing, but taken to extremes it can lead to addiction-like symptoms and possibly lead to other physiological effects.
Now if you take this whole idea to an extreme you might get something like this. As much as I love my Blackberry I can't imagine my employer forcing me to use it (trust me, they don't need to!).

New Blackberry?

For those who just love their Blackberry but hate the fact that they don't support all the new nifty features you see on all the latest phones then this new model might just be for you. The RIM Blackberry 8100 "Pearl" has not been announced just yet, but several decent photos have been leaked onto the net along with several short video clips. Features include removable storage and a camera making a powerful combination indeed. Personally, I just love my 8700 but I do miss having a place to store extra junk. Having a built-in camera is not a huge deal to me since I would rather use a more capable digicam for that task. All things considered, this may just be the coolest model RIM has developed and may drive Blackberry into the mainstream.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Iphone sounds so much better than Ichat Mobile

If you ask me, the latest rumors about an Apple-based phone are starting to really wind up. I ran across this latest "leaked" image which is supposed to show the new phone concept from Apple. The design seems solid if you are just looking for a basic phone with maybe some Itunes and Ichat (sans mini-keyboard) functionality. I personally wish they would develop something that combines the Blackberry level of connectivity with the simplicity of Mac OS X. Hopefully we shall see "something" on Monday when Steve Jobs will conduct the annual developers keynote....and on another note...I have a strong feeling (noting some recent changes at my local Apple retail store might have something to do with this) that Monday may bring a new Imac as well. We shall see.